Why Paygo?

Why Paygo?

Maintaining a free, liberal democracy requires consumers to have access to diverse, reputable, and trustworthy sources of information. A new “closed” internet is being built, hiding trustworthy information behind paywalls. These closed networks have made Publishers more profitable at the expense of consumers' access to information.

If everything is a subscription service hidden behind a Paywall, what will consumers do? Will they subscribe to 5 newspapers?  10 newsletters? Will these few publications be their only source of information? Paywalls are converting to subscription only 2-8% of viewers - what about the rest of users who do not subscribe? Do they just not get access to truthful information?

It is imperative that we make journalism profitable again. To do this we need a business model affordable enough for the consumer to use daily but profitable enough for the Publishers and Creators to continue their work. We need a better monetization model than subscribe or take a hike.

As a Consumer, you should be able to read whatever you want, from diverse publications, without having to subscribe to them all.  With Paygo, you just pay for what you read, wherever there is a Paygo enabled Paywall. All you need to do is click on the payment button and we will handle the rest - no signup, no commitment, no hassle. If you find yourself reading most of your content from one or two publisher - you should consider subscribing to them but it should be your decision.

We believe Creators, whether established publishers or newsletter writers, should have full ownership of their content and distribute it on any platform they choose. We do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all business model for all content. Every creator should balance a mix of free, ad-supported, subscription, and pay-as-you-go, as a portfolio of monetization options. The Creator should decide the mix, balancing discovery and distribution vs. profitability and scarcity - your content, your choice. Consumers will decide what to pay for based on their needs and desires.

As a Creator, Paygo can give you a tool to help monetize your content. You can add a Micropayment Paywall to your content and distribute it on any platform by simply adding your Paygo link. You decide the price, the platform, and amount of free vs. paid content. Paygo's Micropayment platform allows you to charge a small price per view so all your users can pay to support your content without the expensive commitment of a subscription. While subscription is a great model for your most engaged and active users (<10% of your total user base), Paygo is for the other 90%. Let the rest of your users get access to your content, without a long term commitment, but not for free. Your new monetization portfolio can include free content, voluntary tipping, pay-as-you-go, and subscription. You know your users, you decide the mix.

Come experiment with a new monetization model. We are not exclusive; it’s your content to distribute anywhere you want but let your non-subscribed users have access to [some of] your content on a pay-as-you-go model. See how our micropayments paywall works for you and share your thoughts with us at thoughts@paygo.media.  You can follow us @PaygoMedia or sign up for our newsletter