The Paygo solution is a simple web plugin that publishers can add to their existing paywalls, to enable casual readers who hit their paywall to "unlock" the paywall with one click, at a price set by the publisher. Readers pay with their Paygo pre-paid wallet so prices can be several cents and still remain profitable.

At the end of the month, Paygo will pay the publishers directly for the payments Paygo collected minus a small fee to cover the credit card transaction costs and operational expenses.

We offer several options:

Traditional Paywall - publishers who have a subscription paywall can add a 2nd option for readers to access the content. Publishers who do not have a paywall can use the Paygo solution as a stand alone paywall.

Tipping - publishers can embed the tipping model directly into the posts or web pages, asking users for a voluntary tip any amount.

Newsletter Writers - both Paywall and Tipping can be used to help monetize and convert free newsletters in a variety of models.

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