Paygo migrates to

We are happy to announce that we have migrated off our own editor to the platform. This allowed us to shut down our own editor and focus on our core business, helping publishers and creators charge for their content in a user friendly, non subscription way - Micropayments. We really love Ghost, since their business model is SaaS and not a percent of the revenue, they are developer friendly and provide many of the hooks we needed to integrate our service into their platform.

One of the main challenges newsletter writers or publishers face is the dilemma of distribution vs monetization. The more content you add to your free offer the bigger your audience BUT, if you don't provide great premium content, it is hard to convert free users to paid users. Or -  how do you let your free users know what they are missing on the premium side so they subscribe?

Our approach to Monetizing your free newsletter while exposing your free users to your premium content is:

Micropayment Paywall - with this paywall, you can add your premium content to your free newsletter, exposing it to all y0ur users, BUT keeping most of the premium content behind a Paywall. Free users get to read the first few lines and can access the rest by subscribing to your premium content OR paying to unlock this piece of content at a price you set.

See a live article on Ghost with a micropayment paywall here

Tipping on Ghost - we have been experimenting a lot with Tipping and have seen amazing results. Many users are willing to pay for content but do not want to subscribe to a monthly fee. We have seen users tip the equivalent of 5 or 10 months of subscription, loving the one time aspect vs the long term commitment. With Ghost, our integration is deep and creators can easily ask for a tip in different formats. Learn how to do it here.

See a live article on Ghost with a Micropayment Tipping option here

Tipping on Substack - we have also enabled a simple Tipping option for free Substack newsletters.  We have found that the best converting option is using the native buttons.  Learn how to do it here.

See a live article on Substack with a Micropayment Tipping option here

Integrating into these different sites has helped harden our SDK so it can easily be added to publishers existing Paywalls. The feedback we got from user directly by managing our own D2C site gave us valuable consumer feedback on Micropayments and Paywalls.  We are happy to share our learnings with any publisher or creator who is interested in innovating on monetization vs blindly following the NYT...

All of these options, in addition to full SDK integration, are available to publishers and creators. We are happy to chat at