My Week in Tweets

My Week in Tweets

If it’s Friday, it’s time for “My Week in Tweets”… Hope you enjoy another walk through my personal feed, annotated with a fair amount of “shade.”

March 26 - April 1

- Friday -

Okay, this one is a real head-scratcher. (And by the video view count, I can tell I’m not alone.) Now I wouldn’t profess to be an expert, but when trying to communicate urgency around the issues of immigration and border policies, it’s probably best not to sound wistful and wax nostalgic about the “home grown” narcotics of the good old days. Unfortunately for Montana Senator Steve Daines, his “meth” comments went viral. And it is probably no surprise. These words seem better suited for The Onion or Saturday Night Live and not the political messaging of a U.S. senator.

- Saturday -

Let’s not mince words here. The widespread efforts by Republicans to undermine the sanctity of the vote is about as subtle as a flying pig wearing white after Labor Day. If there is any hope in addressing these anti-democratic measures, we can’t pretty up a return to Jim Crow tactics by resorting to a political lens. This isn’t about Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s about right vs. wrong.

- Sunday -

For all that is wrong in the world, we can’t forget all that is right. And that comes through the self-less service of millions of people. When you see the good, tackling the bad seems a lot more doable. There was no special news peg for this tweet other than grateful feelings on a Sunday night with hopes that the new week would bring more help to those in need.

- Monday -

These headlines about the good news around the vaccines never get old. Hope is on the horizon, one needle prick at a time. Can’t say if enough: Yay, science!

I am tempted to make another joke about the Ever Given, but the news is that ship has sailed. If you’re not familiar with the reference, don’t worry, you won’t be stuck for six days trying to figure it out. The large container ship had become lodged in the Suez Canal for nearly a week, blocking the waterway and halting international shipping routes. If you think your commute is bad, take comfort in knowing your regular traffic jam didn’t impact ~10% of global trade. In the end, we got a big assist from up above, a high tide driven by our moon. Always looking out for us.

- Tuesday -

National Library Week is soon upon us (April 4-10, 2021). Now, you may be shaking your head at yet another section of the calendar dedicated to a seemingly endless list of honorees (national ballpoint pen day, really?), but this is truly a worthwhile cause. Libraries have a transformative effect on lives of all ages, the communities in which they reside, and the country as a whole. I hope all of you will sign up for this event (registration is free but space is limited).

This is not the first, nor the last time, that I will sing the praises. Below, an excerpt from my book What Unites Us:

“I recognize a quaintness in waxing nostalgic about libraries in an age when we have instantaneous access to more information than was contained in all the combined library collections of my youth. Still, libraries represent an aspirational notion of democracy. They were, and still are, civic institutions that welcome anyone who wishes to become a more informed and independent citizen. In books we can find expert and trustworthy scholarship on any subject imaginable. By reading books, we can continually challenge our own biases and learn beyond our level of formal education. These are qualities that are needed now more than ever.”-What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner

I have learned to love a subtweet as much as I love Twitter itself. I hope people would get the reference. From the comments, it appears that my mission was accomplished.

- Wednesday -

I mean, come on. How cute is this? A dose of nature is often what a harried week on Twitter needs more than anything. And I thought this was particularly relevant. In this pandemic, we have all become conscious of our faces, hopefully wearing masks and making them presentable for our perpetual computer close-ups. There is much to learn from the animal kingdom. This face routine could work in a pinch to get Zoom-groomed.

- Thursday -

The past year has had enough surprises to last a lifetime. With many of us searching for footing in a strange new world, I thought there was no need for the proverbial rug to be pulled out from under you, even in jest. I also hoped to provide a friendly reminder that it is helpful to look after each other in difficult times. Don’t worry. I don’t plan on going anywhere, on Twitter or Substack, as long as I’m on this side of the turf.

Well, that’s a walk through my Twitter week. I hope you enjoyed it.