My Week In Tweets (April 2-8, 2021)

My Week In Tweets (April 2-8, 2021)

If it’s Friday, it’s time for “My Week in Tweets”… Hope you enjoy another walk through my personal feed, annotated with a fair amount of “shade.”

April 2 - April 8, 2021

- Friday, April 2nd -

Click the Tweet link to see the video, but let’s just say that I can’t imagine #45 giving credit where credit is due, rather than to his own ego. What’s so remarkable about this exchange was that before the last four years, no one would have found it remarkable because it’s basically how presidents were supposed to respond. Now, we take note. Hopefully we can return to a world where we just expect it.

- Saturday, April 3rd -

So here’s the deal, Trump says he wants to boycott Coke and other companies that had the temerity to call out the evils of voter suppression after Georgia passed its rightfully vilified laws (which are all based on the Big Lie that there was widespread voter fraud in 2020). But Trump often, well, lies. Do we really think he has given up his favorite drink of Diet Coke, in favor of Diet Pepsi? Or that he would deny his fat cat friends at his club their choice of soda? No disrespect to Diet Pepsi, but…

I found myself in quite a jam last week —one that only chocolate would solve. The Rather household was preparing to celebrate Easter Sunday and there was nary a chocolate bunny in sight. After asking for help in finding some in Austin, the outpouring of support and ideas was frankly overwhelming. I got what I was looking for, and there were too many good options. It’s a reminder of the vibrant local businesses that deserve and need our support.

- Sunday, April 4th -

A pair of tweets for Easter Sunday. I wanted to share a sense of hope after a difficult year, but also recognize the struggles we have and continue to endure. I was also looking for an uplifting story to share. And then I came across this one. Wow. A tip of the Stetson to La Verne Ford Wimberly for your fashion sense and just being an inspiration.

- Monday, April 5th -

I live by the maxim that anytime you can reference Peanuts is a good time on Twitter. The meme of Lucy pulling away the football has been around a lot longer than there have been memes. I grant you it may be overused, but so are self-serving and cynical appeals to “bipartisanship” when what people really mean is obstructionism.

Women sports deserve a lot more respect. Duh! This article struck me because it does seem like it could be a growth business.

- Tuesday, April 6th -

So this got a bit more of a reaction than I expected. Thank you for all the kind words about my time covering the White House. As a bit of backstory, I first met Ms. Psaki in 2008 when she was working for the Obama team and I was covering a campaign swing through Pennsylvania during the primaries. I knew then she was going places. And as someone who’s been a lot of places, I might find my way back to the White House. We’ll see. As a follow up, I got a lovely response from Ms. Psaki.

Don’t have much more to add on this one. I think the tweet speaks for itself, as do Senator McConnell’s actions.

- Wednesday, April 7th -

What more to say to this video other than, WOW? Where to begin? The awe-inspiring moon? The idea of humans out in space? The evocative image of a silhouetted spacecraft? The eye and camera of an amateur astronomer capturing the moment? It was one of those moments that causes you to pause, reflect, and realize that some things are just far out —literally and figuratively.

- Thursday, April 8th -

When you mix a bookstore with a fine feathered friend, how can you not love it? This video from Rediscovered Books simply “quacked” me up and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to retweet and share with others. A reminder: when it comes to supporting local bookstores, let’s not wing it. They’re a big part of what unites us and deserve encouragement, support, and our foot traffic, whether those feet are webbed or human.

Well, that’s a walk through my Twitter week. I hope you enjoyed it.