How to add tipping to your Ghost newsletter

How to add tipping to your Ghost newsletter

Create a Paygo account at If you already created an account by trying the service out, just login with the same email associated with your stripe account, via magic link

Create a new item

Add a photo, title and web address (make sure to add http:// or https://) to the post where you will have the tipping button. These parameters are for you to remember and track. Add a price, this price will be the default suggested tip or the paywall price. Then save!

Back on your “Items” page select the “>” under “Actions”

Select the “...”

Select “Hosted URLs”

Select “Tipping Checkout”

Copy the URL

Attach the URL to a link or a button within your Ghost newsletter.

To create a link highlight the text you would like to link on and select this:

Add your tipping URL. This is what the link will look like in your newsletter.

To create a button you will need to design the image for your button and have it saved separately.

Then select the “Image” option. Upload the image. For this example I am using this image:

Click on the uploaded image to add a link.

Add the tipping link.

Then publish via Ghost like you normally would!

Your readers will see the link(s) in your newsletter:

And when they click to tip they’ll see:

Your Publisher Dashboard:

On your dashboard you can see your customer’s activity, view transaction information, and see analytics for your tipping buttons.

The “Items” page will show you the various tipping links you have created. Each link redirects back to a set page so it is best to create a new item for each article with the tipping option.

This is the view of each item’s individual analytics:

On the “Customers” page you can see the data of everyone who has left a tip on your content.

On the “Transactions” page you can see the data from each individual tip.

On the “Activities” page you can see the all activity on your account.

On the “Settings” page you can manage API keys, change your account information, and contact support.

What Is Paygo?

Paygo Mission: Make Journalism profitable again

To make Journalism profitable again, we need a business model affordable enough for the consumer to use daily but profitable enough for the Publishers. Consumers need to read diverse opinions without buying subscriptions to everything and sharing their data with every news source. Publishers need better monetization models for their content, other than Subscribe or take a hike.

Paygo Vision: Every Paywall should allow consumers to anonymously “unlock” access to a specific article with a “Pay As You Go” model

Imagine if every Paywall has a button that acts as a virtual keyhole. Each consumer can anonymously unlock their Paygo account and read the specific article in a Pay As You Go model for several cents. Several cents may not sound like much money, but it can represent ten times what the Publisher would earn on ads, generating fractions of a cent per article viewed.  With Paygo, Consumers get access to any content they want without a subscription or ads nor the need to signup and share their information with every site. Publishers make much more money than Ads and can offer their content to 100% of their viewers while still offering subscriptions to their most engaged users who need it.

We believe creators, whether an established Publication or a Newsletter writer, should have full ownership of their content and distribute it on any platform they choose. We do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all business model for all content. Every creator should balance a mix of free and open, ad-supported, closed subscriptions, accessible but not free Pay As You Go, as a portfolio of monetization options. The Creator should decide the mix, balancing discovery and distribution vs. profitability and scarcity - their content, their choice. Consumers will decide what to pay for based on their needs and desires.

How does Paygo work?

Creators write and publish posts on the platform of their choice and are able to use Paygo to add a tipping button to their content. This button allows readers to tip/donate directly to creators.

What payment methods do you accept?

Paygo supports GPay (Google Pay) and Credit cards

How do I update my payment information?

Please contact for more information.

How do I update my email address?

Please contact for more information.

Why won’t Paygo remember me?

When you switch browsers or devices, Paygo sometimes forgets you due to the way cookies are treated.  All you need to do is “login” and Paygo should remember this browser/device from now on.

I have a problem with my service - how can I contact you?

Check out our FAQ’s here and if you can't find an answer, email

What can Paygo do for me?

Paygo can give you a tool to help monetize your audience. You can add a tip button to your content and distribute it on any platform where your users are today by simply adding your Paygo link. You decide the price, the platform, the payment model (free, tipping, traditional paywall).  Paygo's Micropayment platform allows you to charge several cents per view so all your users can get access, for a price.

Does Paygo replace subscription?

Not at all - Paygo works with your current payment models (ads or subscription). Subscription is a great model for your most engaged and active users, <10% of your total user base. Paygo is for the other 90% - let the rest of your users get access to your content, without a long term commitment, but not for free. Your new monetization portfolio can include Free, Voluntary Tipping (Soft Paywall), Pay As You Go (hard Paywall). You know your users, you decide the mix.

I have a problem with my service - how can I contact you?

Check out our FAQ’s here and if you can't find an answer, email

Can I see a few articles to get the idea of how it works?

Sure - you can check out the articles below:

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