Welcome to Paygo and thank you for checking us out.

At Paygo, we believe that our future as a liberal democracy requires access to diverse opinions, high quality journalism and truthful content created by decentralized, profitable, publishers whose business model is not dependent on the good will of billionaires, government subsidies or corporations.  But we feel that the current trajectory of the Internet is from open, free and ad supported to a small number of closed, paywalled, information silos, serving the 2% who can afford to subscribe.

Our vision is a world where every internet user can read any piece of content for a price set by the publisher without needing to subscribe to every publication.

Our Mission is to provide the consumer with a digital wallet they can use across all paywalls as a skeleton key, enabling them to unlock a specific piece of content in a friction-free, pay-as-you-go model for a price that is cheap enough for the consumer yet expensive enough to make Publishers profitable so they can remain independent and continue their important role of holding power accountable.

We offer Publishers a simple Micropayments solution they can add to their existing subscription paywall, enabling their potential readers to pay several cents to read an article without the friction, cost and commitment a subscription requires.  These several cents could be 10-20X what they would make via advertising. While still a fraction of what a subscriber would pay per article, this model would address the 98% who are not subscribing so it is a trade off of volume and price.

Want to learn more?  Send us an email at thoughts@paygo.media.